The  -e option is handy for quick Perl operations
from the command line. Want to change all instances of "oldstring" in
Wiffle.bat to "newstrong"? Try


perl -i.old -p -e "s/ oldstring/ newstrong/g" wiffle.bat



This says: "Take each line of  Wiffle.bat (-p); store the original in Wiffle.old (-i); substitute all instances of  oldstring with newstrong (-e); write the result (-p) to the
original file (-i)."


Other PERL command line options are:



 Perl 5 Command-Line Switches


Option Arguments Purpose Notes
-0 octal character code Specify record separator Default is newline (/n)
-a none Automatically spli recordst Used with -n or or -p
-c none Check syntax only Do not execute
-d none Run script using Perl debugger If Perl debugging option was included when Perl was installed
-D flags Specify debugging behavior See table 2
-e command Pass a command to Perl from the command line Useful for quick operations
-F regular expression If -a used Expression to split by default is white space
-i extension Replace original file with results Useful for modifying contents of files
-I directory Specify location of include files  
-l octal character code Drop newlines when used With -n and -p and use designated character as
line- termination character
-n none Process the script using each specified file as an argument Used for performing the same set of actions on a set of files
-p none Same as -n but each line is printed  
-P none Run the script through the C preprocessor before Perl compiles it  
-s none Enable passing of arbitrary switches to Perl Use -s -what -ever to have the Perl variables $what
and $ever defined within your script
-S none Tell Perl to look along the path for the script  
-T none Use taint checking; don't evaluate expressions supplied on the
command line
-u none Make Perl dump core after compiling your script; intended to allow
for generation of Perl executables
Very messy; wait for the Perl compiler
-U none Unsafe mode; overrides Perl's natural caution Don't use this!
-v none Print Perl version number  
-w none Print warnings about script syntax Extremely useful, especially during development