CDMA2000 Channel Naming Conventions

cdma2000 standards refer to logical channels, physical channels, or
both. The following naming conventions apply to all cdma2000 standards.

 1 Logical Channel Naming Convention
 A logical channel name consists of three lower case letters followed by “ch” (channel). A hyphen is
 used after the first letter. Table 1Table 1shows the naming conventions for the logical channels that
 are used in this family of standards.

 Table 1. Naming Conventions for Logical Channels
    First Letter        Second Letter         Third letter
    f = Forward       d = Dedicated         t = Traffic
    r = Reverse        c = Common        s = Signaling

 For example, the logical channel name for the Forward Dedicated Traffic Channel is f-dtch.

2 Physical Channel Naming Convention
 Physical channels are represented by upper case abbreviations. As in the case of logical channels,
 the first letters in the names of the channels indicate the direction of the channel (i.e., forward or
 reverse) and is followed by a hyphen. Table 2Table 2 shows the names and meanings of all the
 physical channels designated in cdma2000.

Table 2. Physical Channel Names
    Channel Name1            Physical Channel
    F/R-FCH                 Forward/Reverse Fundamental Channel
    F/R-DCCH               Forward/Reverse Dedicated Control Channel
    F/R-SCCH               Forward/Reverse Supplemental Code Channel
    F/R-SCH                 Forward/Reverse Supplemental Channel
    F-PCH                     Paging Channel
    F-QPCH                 Quick Paging Channel
    R-ACH                     Access Channel
    F/R-CCCH               Forward/Reverse Common Control Channel
    F/R-PICH                 Forward/Reverse Pilot Channel
    F-APICH                 Dedicated Auxiliary Pilot Channel
    F-TDPICH                 Transmit Diversity Pilot Channel
    F-ATDPICH             Auxiliary Transmit Diversity Pilot Channel
    F-SYNCH                 Sync Channel
    F-CPCCH                 Common Power Control Channel
    F-CACH                 Common Assignment Channel
    R-EACH                 Enhanced Access Channel
    F-BCCH                 Broadcast Control Channel
    F-PDCH                 Forward Packet Date Channel
    F-PDCCH                 Forward Packet Data Control Channel
    R-ACKCH                 Reverse Acknowledgement Channel
    R-CQICH                 Reverse Channel Quality Indicator Channel
    F-ACKCH                 Forward Acknowledgement Channel
    F-GCH                     Forward Grant Channel
    F-RCCH                 Forward Rate Control Channel
    R-PDCH                 Reverse Packet Data Channel
    R-PDCCH                 Reverse Packet Data Control Channel
    R-REQCH                 Reverse Request Channel

1 The notations “F/R” and “Forward/Reverse” represent two different
physical channels (i.e., one forward channel and one reverse

For example, the physical channel name for the Forward Fundamental Channel is F-FCH.

 3GPP2 C.S0001-D v2.0