"China has replaced the United States as the maker of the world's fastest supercomputer. A Chinese research center has made the world's faster super computer — named as Tianhe-1A, which was released at a national conference on high-performance computers (HPC) in China. Made at a cost of over $88 million, Tianhe-1A is theoretically able to do more than 1 quadrillion calculations per second (one petaflop) at peak speed. Tianhe-1A 's peak performance reaches 1.206 petaflops, and it runs at 563.1 teraflops (1,000 teraflops is equal to one petaflop) on the Linpack benchmark."



  1. But does it run (Red Flag) Linux? 【虽然我也不知道是不是跑得红旗“国产操作系统”,但这位哥们竟然知道Red Flag Linux的存在,“核高基”的那群砖家叫兽们还不得内牛满面?】
  2. China: "We made the fastest super-computer!!!"   Intel and NVidia: "Uh - no you didn't, We are own all your processors!!!"  【我也这么认为】
  3. Yeah, lets borrow more money from the Chinese Government so we can build a useless supercomputer to outdo them - just to say we did it! Thanks, grandkids! 【看来景德镇政府这个土大款声名远播了
  4. Sadly, China needed to build this computer simply to calculate the interest on the US debt in realtime. 【这哥们肯定是美国人】
  5. Competitive in what, exactly? We have many supercomputers in the USA; we have no idea what to do with them, though, and many of them are spending a lot of time idle. Some supercomputers are now being rented out to investors, because the people the computers were built for -- the scientists -- are not using enough computer time. 【美国的HPC真的多的用不了了?貌似不是吧……模拟一次军事演习或者核爆,就需要N多HPC。不过这哥们的评论要是把USA改成景德镇,那倒是无可争辩的事实——想想研究生期间实验室里闲置了好几年的好几台IBM服务器,买了之后就没人动过它们……】
  6. What we really need to do is look at the state of research in this country.【这句话说到点子上了。】 Also, maybe if we had a more solid economic base, one in which we solve the trade imbalance by exporting real goods rather than copyrights, we could spend more money on science and supercomputing. Oh well, in your words, "who am I kidding?" 【这句话就说明上段评论是酸葡萄心理了。】


  7. Oh my. When have I heard this before? Oh yes, back in the 1980s when there was panic and hyperbole over Japan, Inc. overtaking the USA in everything. How did that pan out exactly? I don't see how the current situation with China is any different. 【严重同意这位美国哥们的观点】
  8. 另一哥们对上条评论的回复:
  9. China is way different from Japan. For starters, it has resources, and it can play the game any way it wants to. Japan could only play hardball (采取强硬态度) economically. China can at any time choose to overrun Korea and Taiwan at any time if they choose to, and the only recourse would either be a hard fought conventional war, or a nuclear exchange. 

    China can fight dirty(下黑手). Japan cannot. And China is good at fighting dirty, because they "won" two wars (Korea and Vietnam) by proxy, sending in men and materials to do what the native population couldn't. If China chose to, they could easily turn up the heat in other areas hostile to the US by sending in troops and munitions. China could hand Iran the tools to seize control of the Strait of Hormuz and there would be nothing the US could do about it except engage in another theater of war which would be unwinnable. 【看来这哥们对景德镇政府的成见很深啊】


  10. 一哥们回复说把这世界上“最牛逼”的超级电脑装在世界上“最牛逼”的和谐号上会如何?
  11. Would there be a benefit to putting the fastest computer in the fastest train?

    Hmmm.... if the train was going fast enough for relativistic effects to kick in, then this would make the computer *even faster*. You, sir / ma'am, are brilliant! 【这哥们的回答很无厘头】


  12. Finally they will be able to computerize the national census procedures.【直接怀疑这哥们是间谍,竟然连我景德镇人口普查的具体方式都了若指掌——在2010年的今天,还让街道大妈挨家挨户拿着表格手工填…… 不过这哥们应该还是不了解我景德镇的镇情,如此一来解决了多少社会闲散人员的就业,拉动了多少内需,满足了多少文革遗老遗少(街道的那些人)的虚荣心,加强了多少社会的和谐啊!】
  13. Supercomputing is largely a solved problem...do a regression analysis on the variables on the Top 500 sometime. Primarily it's a function of the number of cores. I've told people in my own workplace - you want a machine on the Top 500 then write me a cheque - making a supercomputer isn't the feat of skill or engineering that it was in the days of Cray. This doesn't even touch on what the hell you use these things for the problem space for parallel processing is clearly smaller than that of serial processing. Add to that the assertion that the number of useful applications drops off steeply as you add more cores (at some point you are left with only the "embarrassingly parallel" ones) and creating the largest supercomputer in the world is akin to saying you are creating the least useful computer in the world. Not to mention probably one of the least power efficient, highest maintenance costs, etc.. 【我相信这哥们说的是事实】
  14. we went to the moon during a period of nationalist chest thumping, and when the nationalist chest thumping subsided, we haven't been back. countries that are interested in nationalist chest thumping: china, india, etc, are still pumping up their space programs

    what i am saying is, for all the evils of nationalism, scientific advancement in the realm of large projects seems to be a positive byproduct【至理名言啊!自建镇以来,我景德镇的所有的重大科技成果,那个不是副产品?记得大学期间,一位东南大学的老教授去给我们做讲座,回忆起当年许世友主政南京军区时,逼着他们在极端恶劣的环境下没日没夜的搞永动机,老教授唏嘘不已……】

    for example, if we were still in a cold war with the ussr in the 1990s, i will bet you anything that this would have been completed and would be producing amazing science at this point in time:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superconducting_Super_Collider [wikipedia.org] 【在我景德镇,这种例子俯拾皆是】


  15. There is absolutely no consistency in numbers in this story. Some measurements show this computer to be about 45% slower than the Cray XT5 and some show it to be faster. Given China's history of arbitrarily throwing out numbers to try to prop themselves up in the international community I cannot accept this as fact without some sort of independent verification. If China has in fact created the worlds fastest supercomputer, I congratulate them on a job well done. But I am still skeptical about this story. Sounds like my government (US) is just looking for an excuse to spend billions more on a new supercomputer. 【兄弟,别说你一老美,连我一景德镇居民都不信!老外都知道我景德镇的浮夸之风了。】

对于天河-1A是否是世界上最快的计算机,我不敢妄下结论,但可以肯定的是,天河-1A肯定是比上一代取得不小进步的,因此向工作在这个项目上的最底层的同志们致敬,道一声“你们辛苦了!” 活永远是你们这些基层人的来干,油水永远是领导们捞,功劳和荣耀永远是属于领导的,出了问题责任永远是你们的——这是景德镇的传统。